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The finance department of the City of Fort Valley is responsible for the billing and collection of property taxes for the city government. Your property tax bill provides you with a description of your taxable values, exemptions, and details of the calculation of your tax bill.

The City of Fort Valley receives its assessments from the Peach County Tax Assessor. Any disagreement with the assessed value of your property should be discussed with the Peach County Tax Assessor’s office at 478-825-5924. Please notify the City if you have filed an appeal with Peach County. Once the appeal has been settled, please forward a copy of the notice received from the Peach County Board of Assessors or Board of Equalization to the City of Fort Valley tax department. The City of Fort Valley will record the new value and finalize any billing. You will be billed at 85 percent of your assessed value while in appeal. You are required to pay taxes on your property while the appeal is in process.

If you are responsible for paying taxes on a property and have not received a tax bill by October 23rd, please contact the city’s tax department at 478-825-8261 so your payment can be made before the delinquency deadline. This year, property taxes have been extended to March 31, 2023.

Failure to receive a tax notice is not a legal reason for waiving interest and penalties. The finance department must assess a one time penalty of 10 percent of the total tax bill on the first day after the payment due date and assess interest in the amount of 1 percent of the total tax bill monthly on all delinquent payments until full payment is made. Please be aware that interest will continue to accrue monthly until the tax bill is satisfied.

If you have any questions, contact our tax department at (478) 825-8261 ext 100.

Now Accepting Credit Card Payments for Property Taxes